Bacon and other food that is not as important

Two ways to cook Bacon

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BACON is one of the most versatile foods available. It is great for any meal or as a snack and recently has claimed its spot in the dessert circle.

Today we will go into the two best ways to cook bacon. The first way is to bake it in the oven. I recommend using aluminum foil but you do not have to. It makes clean up much easier and it seems to cook more evenly. Here is what you want to start with.

blog1 011

Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Cook for about 10 minutes then rotate. If you are using an electric oven you might need to rotate the cookie sheets from front to back. Flip the bacon and put it back in the oven. It usually takes about 20-25 minutes to cook but may take more or less depending on your oven.  When you are done you should have this…

blog1 024

There are two advantages to cooking bacon in the oven, one is the pieces stay nice and flat and the other is that you do not have grease splattering everywhere!

But there is nothing like the taste of fried bacon! So we continue on…

Usually I cook my bacon on medium high but today I am using an electric grill because it is what we have here. It is the same idea as cooking it in a frying pan.

blog1 035

I tend to play with my food a lot so I am constantly flipping it, probably more than needed but make sure you do flip it every couple of minutes or it might stick or burn. It cooks quicker this way so make sure you stay close to make sure it doesn’t over cook. Then you will end up with this…

blog1 050

Now that your bacon is cooked you are free to do whatever you like with it! I needed a B.L.T. today!

blog1 057

If you are going to eat bacon, it might as well be the best bacon.

And don’t forget your veggies!



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