Bacon and other food that is not as important

Types of Bacon

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Here at Lawrence’s Smoke Shop & Country Store we love bacon! We offer some of the finest bacon around but what is the difference?


Cob Smoked Bacon is probably our biggest seller because it is what we have had for years. The cob stands for corn cobs. Instead of traditional smoking with wood chips, our bacon is smoked with corn cobs. It is amazing and no words I could say here would describe it accurately.

blog1 010

Peppered Bacon is the same as above but completely covered with peppercorns on the outside. You do not have to love pepper to appreciate the wonderful flavor of this bacon.

blog1 019



Uncured Fruitwood Bacon is the last of our regular bacon. It is uncured which means there are no added nitrites. Nitrites are salt in case anyone is wondering. It is smoked with apple and cherry woods for a delightful taste.

blog1 002

Then we have Canadian Bacon which is smoked with applewood. It is lean and fully cooked unlike the other bacon’s. It is as easy to prepare as it is tasty!

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The real gems are the Bacon Ends. They are the ends of the slabs of bacon or pieces that did not slice properly. Less per pound and smaller packaged, they are great for almost anything including baked beans, soups, casseroles, salads, pizza and so on. The end pieces are chunks of meat so you can cut them to any size desired. Fun and yum!

blog1 029

Bacon has become a huge part of our food culture and I am proud to say we offer some of the finest you will find here in Vermont or perhaps anywhere.

Bacon anyone?




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