Bacon and other food that is not as important

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Lawrence’s Smoke Shop & Country Store is one of a kind with only one location in Townshend, VT. The only extension of this is our website.


Established in 1964 by Merrill and Norma Lawrence, the smoke shop is a small community of its own. Behind the rustic walls you will find some of the best things Vermont has to offer. Meat is our specialty but the cheese is just as worthy! The original owners sold the business about 10 years ago. Even though they are no longer with us, we still try to keep things the way they were back in the day.


This blog is a journey I hope you will continue with me. Even though most of our meats are fully cooked there are endless possibilities to their culinary potential. Food is an essential part of our being but to some it is so much more. I am part of the some. Serving meals I have prepared for my family is one of my favorite passions, now I hope to bring that same passion to you. Love the food you make and give it to the ones you love, unless it is bacon. Then feel free to keep it for yourself!


Eat well and cook often!